The background story in our office is as follows

  • 9 Entrants
  • £10 a head, winner takes all.
  • Bottom place provides the rest with sausage or bacon sandwiches and a drink of their choosing. (More important than the money)

OVERVIEW: The Premier League returns this Wednesday which means the fantasy football mind games restart in the work’s office. Before lockdown it became very competitive with only 100 points separating 7 places.

It has been quiet around the office recently in the lead up but that’s not uncommon, that’s part of the mind games. Not mentioning anything in the hope colleagues forget to make their changes. It’s a tactic that has been dubbed the silent treatment and one I’ve been caught out with on more than one occasion. I’m under no illusions of the likelihood that the schemers are playing this again, after all I’m using it myself. After such a large break it would be easy to forget to wheel and deal but I’m ready and prepared. What’s more its UNLIMITED TRANSFERS this week so it’s a perfect time to get an edge. For me personally, sitting 3 from bottom and in grave danger of sausage sandwich relegation, a team overhaul is what I’ve been crying out for since wasting my wildcard and other chips months ago. The humiliation of handing over wholesome sausage sandwich goodness to gloating colleagues is the stuff of nightmares so this team rebuild is crucial.

THIS WEEK’S PICKS: Needing an overhaul, only 5 players survived the cull. I’ve brought in Aguero (captain) and Sterling (vice) as Man City have a double game week with both matches being home fixtures. Can really smell big points there. Vardy is the league’s top scorer so he remains as does his Leicester compatriot Soyuncu who has been a consistent and surprising point scorer all season. Lundstram, a midfielder down as a defender and very cheap has been great value also.

Now the gamble. I’ve put in 3 Newcastle players in this week, probably pulled heartstrings rather than fantasy football logic but the plus side is I shouldn’t have too many of the same players as my opponents which, in my precarious position would be pointless if I want to have any chance of climbing the table. This dice roll is nessessary and with the toon at home to Sheffield United there’s a solid chance of sneaky points.

Calvert-Lewin was a running out of money change but he’s a starter and regular contributer for Everton. The down side is that they are up against champions elect Liverpool. Overall I think Aguero in as captain along with Sterling and Mané is the key this week.

Get the ball down and play, lads



  1. nufchotspot · June 18

    Nice team mate – Lundstram has done his job with a clean sheet vs Villa. I would take him out now before Newcastle give him some minus points 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blogin to Football · June 18

      Not a bad start with lundstam and sterling but Pep pulled a fast one and didn’t start Aguero when I’d captained him🙄 Fancy the toon this weekend, Sheff United’s bubble is due to burst!

      Liked by 1 person

      • nufchotspot · June 18

        Hahaa Pep always throws in a surprise for FPL players! Yeah mate I fancy us grabbing the 3 points didnt see anything in Sheffield vs Villa that had me worried!

        Liked by 1 person

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